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Insight changes everything.

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Our Manifesto

[ 1 ] We don’t do research as usual. We analyze human behavior using psychology, anthropology, and sociology to unlock meaningful insights that move people.

The financial world needs new ideas, and meaningful change.

We uncover radical insights that propel companies into uncharted territories.[ 1 ]

We work with those who share our mission to move the industry in a more human-centered direction.[ 2 ]

[ 2 ] We’re selective. We only accept a limited number of clients per year, plus 1 non-profit, donating 20% of our time to that non-profit at no cost.

Our approach is not conventional.

[ 3 ] We say the things you may not want to hear. We see things other people don’t. We’re not afraid to tell you what’s broken, or missing, but we’ll always tell you exactly how to fix it.

We are not for everyone.[ 3 ]

We are radical.

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How We Work

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Data doesn't interpret itself.

The problems our clients face are not methodological. They’re interpretive. Anybody can design a research study and collect data. But data doesn’t interpret itself. We’re able to think interpretively about human behavior using the social sciences–behavioral finance, psychoanalysis, anthropology, sociology–to challenge industry assumptions and create big opportunities for our clients.

Bring in the specialists.

While other firms act as data vendors, RDCL stands shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to solve your most strategic marketing challenges. Our partnerships are exclusive (and intimate) because they’re focused on problems at the cutting edge of culture. We’re not generalists, so we’ll never promise to do it all. And we’ll never pass you on to junior teams. We’re a catalytic partner fueling the growth of the next industry game-changers. If you aren’t sure we’re the right fit, we’re probably not.

Our Story

Incubated at the University of Chicago, RDCL is a social science-based research firm located in Southern California.

We combine academic rigour with years of industry experience to develop brands grounded in how people actually think and feel about financial products and services. We connect the dots from insight to activation, and most importantly, inspire our client partners to think radically.

RDCL Barnaby and Alyssa


Barnaby B. Riedel, Ph.D

Co-Founder, Research

Barnaby leads RDCL’s research department, using social science methodologies and theoretical perspectives to illuminate the human side of the financial industry. Prior to founding RDCL, Barnaby taught at the University of Chicago as the Earl S. Johnson Instructor in the Division of the Social Sciences. His approach to research is creative, interdisciplinary and contrarian - drawing on everything from evolutionary psychology to narrative studies and cultural anthropology. Whatever helps him challenge assumptions, push the limits of what’s known and uncover deep truths below the surface of everyday life. As an avid trail runner, mountain biker, and triathlete, you can find him in the pre-dawn hours getting his miles in.

Alyssa J. Riedel, M.A.

Co-Founder, Brand

Alyssa leads RDCL’s brand department, connecting the dots from insight to activation with strategic solutions that consistently challenge the status quo. She’s spent the last 9 years working in the financial services industry, earning her Series 6 and Series 63 licenses, and serving on the board of directors for the Financial Communications Society, Chicago Chapter. With over 16 years of marketing experience, her expertise runs the gamut from finance to design to communications to executive leadership. She has a modernist’s eye that she applies to her home and her work, constantly eliminating the superfluous until only the core ideals remain, and a self-discipline that she channels into her daily Bikram yoga and Peloton practice.